About The road less stupid

Chapter 4 - Thinking Time: The Process

Designing a Thinking Time process that works for you will be no different than figuring out any other ritual you want to create.  The time of day, the best location, and the optimum duration are all discovered through practice and experimentation until you have created a Thinking Time process that best supports your outcomes.  The key here is to obsess about obtaining the outcomes and not about finding the perfect process!

Smart People Do Dumb Things

It turns out that the key to getting rich (and staying that way) is to avoid doing stupid things.  The vast majority of dumb tax in both our lives is a direct result of three things:

  1. Generalizations (which kill clarity),
  2. Obsessing about Oz (instead of the yellow brick road) and 
  3. Faulty Assumptions (ignoring risk).

Here it is on a bumper sticker:

Operators react and sweat.

Owners think and plan.  

It all hinges on Thinking Time.

5 Stars!! What Other People are Saying about

The Road Less Stupid 

5 Stars - F. Ceballos

Keith's new book is phenomenal and full of wisdom from over 45 years of experience building businesses and advising entrepreneurs.  Keith's business systems and insight has literally resulted in 5x growth in my business over the past 2 years.  The Road Less Stupid, is a concise and simple distillation of the business advice, systems, and models he shares with his students. This book is definitely a book to have nearby and handy, as you go through the day to day challenges of growing your business.  It's straight shooting no bs business wisdom, which pulls no punches and minces no words. If you're tired of the fluff and filler of other business books, Keith's approach will be refreshing!

5 Stars - R. Balboa

I have seen Keith in 2 separate seminars and he an amazing speaker with practical insights on running and more importantly sustaining a business.

He really knows his stuff and this book gave me more proof. He breaks down running a business into plain English with useful insights. As a business owner I know that this stuff works when applied consistently and with discipline.

This is not a smoking gun get rich quick easy street manual to running a business book but if you want to get better at running your business, you should read it. You will get more than your 20 bucks worth! 

5 Stars - D. Lee

What a great book! I bought three of them and gave two as gifts. So glad that Keith J. Cunningham has shared his wealth of business experience, both good and bad, in this book. You can't help but to pick up some tools and see areas where he will save you big money, heartache and stupid decisions.

Cunningham's "The Road Less Stupid" is just as dynamic and captivating as when he teaches live from the stage. He is the master at showing you how to make more money, keep the money and minimize your risk. It doesn't get better than that!